Signal Animator

Random Signal Animator

ANIMATE your SIGNALS without investing the money and time in a fully prototypical signal system!
Use the photocell (included) version if you have consistent overhead lighting (i.e. you don't have "night time" on your layout!).


Use the infrared version (-IR suffix; emitter & detector included) under any layout lighting condition.


When the train covers the sensor (mounted between the rails) the signal turns red. When the train clears the sensor the signal turns yellow after a delay (10 or 30 seconds, selectable). After another delay the signal turns green.

Signal Animator Features:

bullet Versions for all types of signals:
SA-1/SA-1-IR for controlling the following types of signals: 3-light using individual Red, Yellow and Green LEDs wired with a common anode/positive (e.g. Tomar, NJ International, BLMA), OR searchlight signals constructed with a single 2-lead or 3-lead bipolar LED (e.g. Tomar) OR searchlight signals constructed with individual Green, Yellow and Red LEDs wired with a common anode/positive such as those from BLMA and NJ International.
bullet Adjustable yellow hue for searchlight signals constructed with a bipolar LED
bullet Current limiting resistors included
SAD-SBCA/SAD-SBCA-IR for controlling Tomar semaphore motors, 3-light and Pennsy/B&O position light bulb-based signals such as those from NJ International (NJI), LED-based position light signals wired with a common anode/positive such as those from Alkem Scale Models and Tomar.
SAD-CC/SAD-CC-IR for controlling Pennsy/B&O position light and 3-light LED-based signals wired with a common cathode/negative such as those from Integrated Signal Systems (ISS) and Atlas.
bullet Current limiting resistors included
bullet Requires no modification to track wiring or rolling stock
bullet Photocell versions powered from AC or DC - draws about 25mA!
bullet Infrared versions (-IR) powered from 7-9V AC or 9-12V DC (such as our WT1A together with our 12VPSR); draws about 100mA (or more when used with bulb-type signals)
bullet Solid State Design (1 year limited warranty)

Random Signal Animator Features:

bullet All of the features and versions above but can operate in two different modes:
Purely Random Mode: When the sensor is not used the signal will, at random times, change from green to red to yellow and then back to green. The time delay between each color change varies from random event to event in order to give the impression of trains of different lengths.
Combination Mode: When used with the sensor the circuit will operate according to the standard Signal Animator AND at random times will cause the signal to change as described in the purely random mode.
bullet $20.95 MSRP (SA-1, RSA-1)
bullet $23.95 MSRP (SA-1-IR, RSA-1-IR)

Want to upgrade a photocell-based Animator to IR?

bullet Upgrade kits consist of a replacement chip, IR components and instructions
bullet $6.99 MSRP (IR-KIT-SA for ANY Signal Animator)
bullet $6.99 MSRP (IR-KIT-RSA for ANY Random Signal Animator)