Miscellaneous Products

12V DC Power Source Regulator - #12VPSR
bullet The 12VPSR converts an AC or DC input voltage into a filtered and regulated 12V DC output. The input power source may come from your power pack’s accessory output, a wall transformer, or a variety of other sources. NOTE: not to be used with our #WT12DC since it already provides 12V DC!
bullet Input voltage (min):12V AC, 14V DC
bullet Input voltage (max): 18V AC, 20V DC
bullet Input power plug: Use a female type with 2.1mm ID and 5.5mm OD (e.g. our #WT1A)
bullet Output voltage: 12V DC ±5%
bullet Output current (max): 1 Amp (1000 milliamps)
bullet 1 year limited warranty
bullet Solid State Design (1 year limited warranty)
bullet $19.95 MSRP


Wall transformer - #WT12DC
bullet 120VAC input
bullet 12V DC, 1 amp output
bullet Output plug is female 2.1mm ID and 5.5mm OD
bullet Plugs directly into our products listed below:
bullet Fast Clock Repeater - NCE (both sizes)
bullet LocoNet Fast Clock (both sizes)
bullet Screw terminal adapter included (polarity is marked on top of the screw terminal connector)
bullet $14.95 MSRP


Extra infrared components - #EIR1, EIR4
bullet Extra IR components for Signal Animator/2, Block Animator/2, Grade Crossing Pro/2 or GCP/2 Expander
bullet $4.99 MSRP (EIR1 = 1 set)
bullet $19.95 MSRP (EIR4 = 4 sets)


Photocell - #PCELL
bullet Extra photocell for any generation of the “Animators” or the Grade Crossing Pro
bullet $2.00 MSRP