LCC Fast Clock

The LCC-FC provides fast clock display capability and time-related event triggers using the LCC network.
The LCC-FC has the following features:
bullet Large (0.8"), easy-to-read, red LED digits
bullet Local 12 or 24 hour time format
bullet PM indicator
bullet Ability to change the network time and fast rate
bullet Configurable features
bullet Pause time upon power up
bullet Flashing colon when clock is running
bullet Initial/default (i.e. power-up) time
bullet and more!
bullet Use JMRI PanelPro for advanced features such as event triggering (e.g. turn building and street lights on/off)
bullet Adjustable brightness level
bullet Two LCC bus jacks for connecting to other LCC devices
bullet Pre-mounted faceplate (~2.8" x ~5.8")
bullet Selectable power options:
bullet Bus power: the LCC-FC will take power FROM the LCC bus (<150 mA)
bullet Self-power: an external wall transformer (e.g. our #WT12DC) plugs into the LCC-FC and provides power TO the LCC bus
bullet Local power: an external wall transformer plugs into the LCC-FC but does NOT provide power to the LCC bus
bullet 1 year warranty
What's included:
bullet Fast clock module with pre-mounted faceplate
bullet 2 ft. LCC cable
bullet User's Guide
bullet $89.95 MSRP
Large Version (LCC-FC-L)

Differences from the LCC-FC:
bullet EXTRA large (2.3"), easy-to-read, red LED digits
bullet Pre-mounted color filter for enhanced visibility; overall size is 4.5" x 10.5"
bullet 5 ft. LCC cable
bullet 15V DC 1.3 Amp wall transformer
bullet Draws a maximum of 150mA (0.15A) at 15VDC
bullet $135.95 MSRP (includes 12VDC wall transformer)