Fusee (fyu-'zE) - def. A warning device that burns bright red when ignited and remains burning for about 10 minutes. Fusees are ignited and dropped on the right of way to indicate to a following train the presence of stopped or slow-moving equipment ahead. Can also represent a roadside flare.


Fusee Pro/M Features:

bullet Fusee will begin "burning" shortly after the board is placed across the rails (N, HO up to On30 scale). Constant rail power (e.g. DCC) is REQUIRED!
bullet Adjustable burn cycle time ranging from ~10 minutes (1:1 or real time) to ~38 seconds (16:1 fast time).
bullet Realistic visual effects such as ignition (“lighting” the fusee), burning and sputtering as it extinguishes.
bullet Includes a “crew reminder” yellow LED which flashes briefly every 8 seconds after the fusee is extinguished. Remember to remove the board from the rails so that a following train may proceed!
bullet Predrilled hole so that you can hang the board on the fascia when not in use.
bullet Includes strip styrene you can attach to help center the board across the rails.
bullet Low power consumption: < 20 mA max
bullet 1 year limited warranty
bullet $14.95 MSRP

Want to see the Fusee Pro/M? Click on the image below!