Fusee (fyu-'zE) - def. A warning device that burns bright red when ignited and remains burning for about 10 minutes. Fusees are ignited and dropped on the right of way to indicate to a following train the presence of stopped or slow-moving equipment ahead. Can also represent a roadside flare.


Fusee Pro Features:

bullet Fusee will begin "burning" when the circuit is triggered by an SPST switch (such as our #PB-SPST) or any other control device capable of "grounding" the trigger input.
bullet Adjustable burn cycle time ranging from ~10 minutes (1:1 or real time) to ~38 seconds (16:1 fast time).
bullet Realistic visual effects such as ignition (“lighting” the fusee), burning and sputtering as it extinguishes.
bullet Includes TWO realistic looking fusees (~0.065” diameter x ~0.25” long) based on micro LED technology; separate trigger inputs for each.
bullet Powered from AC or DC - draws ~25mA! You can even power it from the rails if you're using command control.
bullet 1 year limited warranty
bullet $28.95 MSRP

bullet $5.00 MSRP Replacement Fusee (#F-1)

Want to see the Fusee Pro? Click on the image below!