CTC Panel Components

CTC Knob & Plate by Rix Products - #R628-61
bullet Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) dispatcher's panel knob, plate and code button head
bullet Use with our rotary switches (below) for the signal and switch levers and our pushbutton for the code button
bullet Example panel shown at right (code button not shown)
bullet Decals included for numbering
bullet $10.95 MSRP

2 Position Rotary Switch - #RS2POS

bullet DISCONTINUED! NOTE: you can create a proper 2 position rotary switch for use as a CTC switch (turnout) actuator by modifying a 3 position switch (#RS3POS) using a switch detent cover (#TOMARUPDT52).
bullet $4.95 MSRP


3 Position Rotary Switch - #RS3POS
bullet 3 position, 4 pole rotary switch for use as a CTC signal actuator
bullet $4.95 MSRP


Momentary ON Pushbutton Switch - #PBSPST
bullet SPST switch for use as a CTC code button
bullet $2.50 MSRP


Switch Detent Covers - #TOMARUPDT52
bullet Package of 6 brass castings which can be used to convert a 3-position rotary switch into a 2-position rotary switch
bullet Each casting must be cut in half yielding 12 switch conversions
bullet Refer to the appnote "Converting a 3-position into a 2-position rotary switch" appnote on our Documents page under the Miscellanous section
bullet $11.50MSRP
bullet $9.20 Our Price!